Eric Adams keeps narrow lead in newly released NYC mayoral voting results

Former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia and civil rights attorney Maya Wiley were the other top contenders, with Garcia advancing to the final round against Adams.

The final two choices in the data released Tuesday were Adams with 50.5% and Garcia with 49.5%.

The newly released results include about 118,000 newly tabulated ballots, in addition to votes from early in-person and election day voters. Almost 126,000 Democratic absentee ballots were returned, so this release includes the vast majority of the outstanding ballots, but it is not a final result.

Voters in the Big Apple had the option to rank up to five of the 13 candidates in the race. Since no candidate won a majority of the initial preference votes outright, the New York City Board of Elections is counting voters’ ranked choices to determine the winner.

In ranked-choice voting tabulations, the candidate with the fewest votes after the initial count is eliminated and all ballots for that candidate are reallocated to the next highest-ranked candidate selected. That process continues with the remaining candidates until two are left, with the winner determined by who has the most votes in that final round.

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