Wooden Ram 1500 TRX Pickup Looks As Tough As The Real One

Car enthusiasm branches out far beyond the typical pillars of the massive community. Yes, the engineered pieces of metal, glass, and plastic draw the most attention, but cars infect a multitude of hobbies, including woodworking. The Woodworking Art YouTube channel has several videos chiseling chunks of wood into stunning automotive creations. The latest video shows the artist creating one of the hottest trucks available today – the Ram 1500 TRX.

The wooden 1500 TRX starts out exactly like the channel’s other car-themed woodworking videos with wood blocks. The artist then begins the process of trimming the wood into the right shapes, drawing outlines on the wood before cutting. The truck quickly takes shape, though it’s just the start of the laborious project. Once the basic shape is defined, the artist begins adding TRX’s finder details, chiseling out the aggressive front grille and other styling features.

Like other Woodworking Art YouTube channel creations, the TRX gets a completed interior and engine bay thanks to the functional hood and doors – even the tailgate opens and closes. The details are as exquisite as ever, especially the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 recreated under the wooden hood. Inside, there’s a full dash, which induces the instrument cluster, vents, and infotainment display. There’s a center console, fives seats, and detailed door trim, too.

One of the last steps before putting it all tougher is varnishing all the parts and pieces, protecting the wooden truck from any unnecessary wear and tear. The final product is a stunning wooden creation that has the tough-looking appearance and presence of the real thing. The truck features functional wheels that allow it to roll while it also sports a functional suspension. Both features give the truck the proper off-road attitude the real thing delivers. What will the YouTube channel create next?

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