What’s Inside a Squid? Try This Dissection Lab Activity To Find Out

For a science lesson your students will never forget, you have to go with a dissection. And it’s easier than you might think! In this Squid Dissection Lab Activity for grades 3-5, we’ll walk you through every step of this exciting (and slimy!) scientific experience for kids.

Getting started with the activity

We start out with everything you need to know before the big day: objectives, materials, how to prepare, essential vocabulary, and those all-important Teacher Notes! Then, we take you step-by-step through the dissection, with some help from our good friend, Squidward.

Following up and showing what you know

Flat lay of pages 4-5 of Squid Lab Dissection Activity PDF with Squidward

We didn’t forget the assessment! You’ll also find a student worksheet with a diagram for labeling squid anatomy and questions to see what they learned from their squid dissection lab activity. Answer key included!

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