The Owlet 3rd-gen smart baby sock is $75 off for Black Friday

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Owlet makes one of the few infant wearables: a smart “sock” that wraps around a baby’s foot and sends readings back to an app. They also make a more standard camera that can work with the app to provide a 1080p video feed. If someone you love has a newborn, Owlet’s Black Friday sale could give you the opportunity to save money while giving them a solid gift.

The company is currently running a sale on most of its product line including the Duo, which packages the newest smart sock with the company’s baby-monitor camera. The Duo is on sale for $324, which is a whopping $125 off its normal price. The 3rd gen sock alone is $75 off its regular $299 price point, bringing it to a record low. The stand-alone Cam is $50 off, bringing it down to $99. 

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