Recall Alert: Porsche Taycan Recalled Over Sudden Power Loss | Kelley Blue Book

Porsche is recalling about 43,000 Taycan electric vehicles over reports of sudden, unexpected power loss. The recall affects every Taycan built and delivered before June.

Like most electric cars, the Taycan has a small 12-volt battery in addition to the 800-volt lithium-ion cell that provides most of its power. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “a loss of charge in the 12-volt battery may deactivate the entire electrical system and prevent the vehicle from operation.”

Dealers will install a software update to eliminate the problem. It’s free.

Porsche is aware of about 130 incidents in which Taycan drivers have complained of power loss, according to project leader Klaus Rechberger. As far as Porsche knows, it has not contributed to an accident.

Many cars face recalls at some point, even years after they are first sold. Automakers attempt to contact every owner to ask them to bring their car in for repair. But they don’t always reach them all. Find out whether your car has ever been recalled at our recall center.

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