Watch One Stupidly Brave NASCAR Fan Run Onto The Charlotte Roval

A late-race one-lap addition to a caution during last weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series race at the Charlotte Roval seemed fairly inexplicable to the fans watching from home; there was no debris on track, nor was there a crash. As it turns out, the caution came out because one stupid — brave, but incredibly stupid — fan jumped over the fence and ran out onto the track. Oh, the things we’ll do when we’re under the influence of a few beers and some fast race cars.

The extra lap of caution was so confusing that most fans had no idea what happened until NASCAR Xfinity driver Noah Gragson tweeted, “Anyone just see that fan hop the fence and run on track in turn 7?”

Suddenly, that mystery caution made sense, but the actual evidence of this person’s shenanigans didn’t make it around Twitter until today — in fact, until one Twitter user actually posted the video, it was questionable whether a fan was there at all.

You can watch the Twitter clip — pulled from a now-deleted TikTok video — below.

As the video shows, an American flag tank-bedecked man climbed over the chainlink fencing that separates a viewing area from the track. He hopped onto a concrete barrier, then took off running onto the track surface.

A safety crew arrived at the scene almost immediately, but before anyone could get out of the truck, the rogue fan high-tailed it back to chainlink fence. He pulled of some gymnastic-style moves to leap over it that might have almost been impressive if he hadn’t finished his excursion with a painful-looking face plant.

The video ends by showing the cops questioning the people in the area, followed by the track-runner sliding down Charlotte’s banking in the dark. It’s unclear what kind of punishment he incurred — if he incurred any at all — but I think it’s safe to say that you should avoid trying out a similar maneuver while there are, y’know, fast cars ready to squish you.

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