Here’s Where The Next-Gen Hybrid Or EV Mazda Miata Batteries Should Go

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Mazda recently confirmed that the next-generation Mazda Miata roadster will in fact be getting some sort of battery power. The Miata is known for being lightweight and balanced, and large batteries are heavy and cumbersome, so the internet’s experts have weighed in on the best possible outcome for the car.

Last week, I posited that Mazda may take it easy with the next-gen Miata and develop a hybrid alongside a regular combustion-only setup similar to the current car. That’s just my guess, but a small car like the Miata would also certainly benefit from the simplicity of a purely-electric powertrain to make packaging simpler, so that would be my second guess as to what Mazda has planned.

Based on those two basic and more-likely possible outcomes, here are your best ideas for where to put the battery and additional electrical components in a hybrid or electric Miata, in no particular order:

Go All Out

How To Save The Manual… Or Not

Make It Easy

Have Fun 🙂

Make It Better And Don’t Call It A Miata

Be Mad As Hell, Don’t Take It Anymore

Copy Someone’s Homework

Just Don’t Do This

I know that changing anything fundamental on the Miata risks alienating the core fan base and market for the car, so I’m glad that there are plenty of possibilities here for the future of the model that I know I’d enjoy driving. Given the latest Mazda 3 hatchback, and the available of a manual and a turbo (just separately, sadly), it’s clear Mazda listens to its owners and acts on their interests. That should be great for the next Miata, too.

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