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Rivian sponsors destination chargers overseen by nonprofit at Yosemite, Golden Gate

Adopt a Charger, a nonprofit that aims to install EV charging at scenic and cultural destinations, on Thursday announced a partnership with Rivian to add charging stations at Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The nonprofit has already converted 13 existing Level 2 charging stations at Yosemite to Rivian Waypoints, the organization said in a press release. They’re among the 10,000 Level 2 charge connectors Rivian plans to install in the United States and Canada by 2023 to build out its Waypoint network.

Rivian charging network plan – March 2021

Two additional charging stations will be added when Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows reopens this spring, Adopt a Charger said. The organization then plans to add “dozens more stations” in the park by spring 2023, plus 12 Level 2 charging stations at GGNRA.

Rivian will pay for the charging equipment at both Yosemite and GGNRA, and fund 10 years of operation and maintenance by both entities, Adopt a Charger said. Founded in 2011, the nonprofit said it has installed over 400 charging stations in 10 states. Although the Biden administration is pushing for a more robust infrastructure on heavily-traveled corridors, efforts like this help fill in the gaps for recreation.

Adopt a Charger/Rivian destination charger - Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Adopt a Charger/Rivian destination charger – Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

In addition to Adopt a Charger and Rivian’s Level 2 charging stations, Electrify America said last year that it would construct a DC fast-charging site about 12 miles from the entrance to Yosemite, giving visitors to the park a faster charging option.

These developments bring to mind a story from the early days of Green Car Reports, when a Tesla Roadster owner’s search for a simple 240-volt outlet near Yosemite turned into a never-ending quest. Hopefully projects like this will make trips to National Parks far easier for more EV drivers.

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