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Musk: Tesla Supercharger network will be “open to other EVs” in 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has at various points in the company’s history suggested that its Supercharger network might be opened up either to other automakers on a brand basis, or to other EVs in general. 

On Tuesday Musk appeared to take that step, indicating via Twitter that the company will be “making our Supercharger network open to other EVs later this year.”

Musk says that Tesla created its own connector when there was not yet a standard. However Nissan and Mitsubishi were readying their electric cars around the CHAdeMO fast-charging standard in 2009 and 2010—a couple years ahead of the Model S arrival, but not as useful as the original Supercharger hardware’s 120-kw peak.

Tesla Supercharger station V3, Las Vegas

Musk confirmed last year that multiple automakers are using the Supercharger network “low-key.” One of those is likely Aptera, which showed a Tesla connector in one of its videos. With its hyper-efficiency, solar-supplemented Sol, it’s not likely to bring a significant burden on the network, while at the same time showing that Tesla plays well with others. 

Tesla owners have enjoyed the best of both worlds for years. Tesla models sold in Europe come with a CCS2 charge port that enables them access both to Tesla’s proprietary chargers and Europe’s well-developed fast-charging networks, and here in the U.S. owners can use a CHAdeMO adapter in addition to Tesla connectors. 

Tesla charging on EVgo network

Tesla charging on EVgo network

Those connectors aren’t only at the Supercharger network. The charging network EVgo already has some in metro areas, and it plans to add more than 600 Tesla connectors to DC fast-charging stations nationwide through 2021. Those will be at locations that should serve well in supplementing Supercharger locations, which tend to be at road-trip waypoints rather than within metro areas. 

That said, the question remains: How will Tesla welcome other EVs to the Supercharger network? And which EVs will be compatible? Plenty of questions, but the answers will have to wait.

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