Sundance Institute Awards Sandbox Fund Grants for Science Storytelling

Sundance Institute and Sandbox Films announced 12 filmmakers who will be in the next batch to receive support for their projects, along with eight films selected to receive unrestricted and non-recoupable grants totaling $255,000, through the Sandbox Fund.

The Sandbox Fund aims to elevate the voices of independent artists working in the realm of science and nonfiction storytelling as they produce and promote work and discourse the highlights that overlap science and art in the U.S. and abroad.

The filmmakers and projects receiving grants are Márton Vizkelety and Zoltán Moll’s “Give Love Create,” Lacey Schwartz Delgado and Mehret Mandefro’s “How Free People Think,” Tasha Van Zandt’s “A Life Illuminated” and Eleanor Mortimer’s Untitled Deep Sea Taxonomy Documentary. Also in the group are Leandro Listorti’s “Herbaria,” Francisco Forbes, Ferran Romeu and Matthew Barton’s “Science Fiction,” Natalia Solórzano Vásquez’s “Space Is a Monstrous Animal” and Julie Forrest Wyman’s Untitled Dwarfism Project.

“We are thrilled to support these exciting voices in storytelling as they show how art and science converge over overlapping goals to reveal the world around us in beautiful, complex and challenging ways,” said Hajnal Molnar-Szakacs, director of the Sundance Institute’s granting program. “These diverse projects are playing with form to engage our curiosity and create meaning.”

Jessica Harrop, head of production and development at Sandbox Films, said: “Science storytelling does not have to be didactic or by the book. We are consistently excited by the creative and unique storytelling techniques that are being used by these artists from around the world to tell stories about science.”

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