Podcast: Kate Winslet on ‘Mare of Easttown,’ ‘Avatar 2’ and Wawa

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Behold, a special episode of The Times: It’s a crossover edition with our podcast colleagues at The Envelope. We’ll hear the conversation that Yvonne Villarreal, who covers television for the L.A. Times and co-hosts our Envelope podcast, had with Academy Award-winning actor Kate Winslet. They talk film, TV — and all about Kate’s starring role in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Mare of Easttown.” A research trip to a Wawa convenience store was a requirement to prepare for the role, Winslet said: “It almost felt like a mythical place.” Villarreal and Winslet also discuss the long-anticipated film “Avatar 2,” directed by James Cameron, and how to hold your breath underwater for seven minutes.

Host: L.A. Times television writer Yvonne Villarreal


Guest: Actor Kate Winslet

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