Meet the new couples of ’90 Day Fiancé’

If you aren’t familiar with “90 Day Fiancé,” here’s how it works: A couple from different countries meets, falls in love and then has 90 days to decide if they will marry and stay together once they secure a K1 visa – also known as the fiancé visa.

It sounds whacky and trust us, it can be.

But the series is so popular that there are a ton of spinoffs and the new season of the original appears to follow the same format of drama, drama and then more drama.

Here are some of the couples we either met for the first time Sunday or get caught up with:

Brandon and Julia

He lives on a Virginia farm with his parents who put together a profile for him on a dating site and she’s a go-go dancer, bodybuilder and pageant contestant from Russia.

What could possibly go wrong?

From the looks of her strong personality and his not-so-strong personality, plenty.

Jovi and Yara

What happens when you mix a party-hardy guy living in New Orleans with a woman from the Ukraine?

Well, we learned from the first episode you get a pregnancy, a proposal, a miscarriage, second thoughts and a storyline which already had Twitter predicting a train wreck.

Rebecca and Zied

This couple was featured in the spinoff “Before the 90 Days.” Their main storyline is that he’s a conservative Muslim from Tunisia and she’s 22 year older than him, has tattoos (a no-no for women in his culture) and has been married three times before.

Zied is headed to the US where Rebecca lives in Georgia with her adult daughter Tiffany and Tiffany’s boyfriend Micah, who are less than thrilled by the May-December, cross-continental relationship.

Mike and Natalie

When last we left this couple at the tell-all for Season 7, Ukrainian Natalie was unable to tell Washington state resident Mike that she was in love with him.

Not the most promising thing when you are engaged.

The pair fought over everything from religion to Mike’s interaction with a woman he said is just a friend and split for a bit.

But “90 Day” viewers know it’s not really over until it’s over, and with visa approval in hand, Natalie heads to the states to see if they can make a go of it again.

“90 Day Fiancé” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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