Cannes Ticketing Woes: Festival Makes New Fix to Free Up Tickets

The Cannes Film Festival has made another fix to free up movie tickets on its online service.

Festival attendees have been complaining for days — even before Cannes officially opened — about the glitchy ticketing website, which takes what feels like an eternity to load and usually ends in an ‘Error’ message, rendering it virtually impossible to secure tickets.

On Thursday afternoon (Day 3), organizers emailed delegates with a new link that has been set up for film market professionals.

The festival said its website issues are “most likely due to malicious acts aimed at saturating the site with requests, thus preventing festival-goers from accessing it.”

Going forward, it’s asking delegates to keep the link private (which is why Variety has not linked to the website).

“As we have already been the victims of malicious acts, we ask you not to communicate this link to third parties, especially since it will only work for authorized festival-goers,” said organizers in their email.

More to come. 


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