Andy Samberg Parties at Hyatt Regency Valencia on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

NBC has announced that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will finally be returning to the small screen for its eighth season in 2021! The popular comedy series, which chronicles the hijinks of the NYPD’s fictional 99th precinct, will be stepping out of its comfort zone in the new year by tackling some serious subjects including the pandemic, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Andrew Holdt, recently pondered to Variety, “Can a comedy sustain the things that we’re trying to talk about? I don’t know. It could be a really groundbreaking season that we’re all going to be very, very proud of, or we’re going to fall flat on our face.” If past seasons are any indication, the sharp, witty series will likely hit the proverbial nail on the head in its delivery.

As the name attests, the show, which originally aired on Fox but, after a brief 31-hour cancellation in 2018, was quickly picked up by NBC, is set in Brooklyn. The familiar Nine-Nine exterior featured in every episode is that of the borough’s actual 78th precinct, located at 65 6th Ave – though the images of it that appear onscreen are nothing more than establishing shots. All actual filming takes place in the Los Angeles area, mainly at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, the lot that the show calls home. 

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ventures off studio property quite often, as well, transforming notable L.A. sites like Nick’s Cafe in Chinatown, Woodbury University in Burbank, and the Arts District’s Engine Co. 17 into supposed New York locales. Filming of season four’s “Cop-Con” took cast and crew a bit outside of Los Angeles County into the Santa Clarita Valley, where Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and the gang attended the 28th Annual Tri-State Police Officers Convention – though Jake is far more interested in the “extracurriculars” than the convention itself. (Not “Mustard City’s” “famed thermometer museum,” mind you, but Buffalo PD’s annual convention party, which is always “insane!”)

While the group is said to be staying at the Wilton hotel in Rochester New York in the episode, the characters actually check into the Hyatt Regency Valencia. An onscreen stalwart, I recognized the place, which sits steps from Westfield Valencia Town Center mall, as soon as it popped onto my screen.

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